Let's take Trump down with Instagram.

Model Citizens Vote, Inc. is a non-profit organization formed by a group of friends in Brooklyn, New York to mobilize young people to vote for Democratic Candidates for Congress in the Midterm Elections on November 6th to stop President Trump's agenda.

As people who work in the fashion industry and other creative endeavors, we look to utilize our visual skills and social media reach. We are building an unprecedented campaign of peer-to-peer communications on Instagram to register and turn out our fellow young Americans on Election Day.

Although we live in New York now for our careers, we come from every part of America, as do our friends and followers. This is a national campaign to reach young people in every corner of our country from coast-to-coast.

Model Citizens Vote Photo by: Marcus Cooper

We are united in stopping Trump's destructive agenda.

STOP rolling back civil rights.

STOP inciting violent racism.

STOP degrading women.

STOP attacking reproductive rights.

STOP reversing LGBTQ+ rights.

STOP worsening income inequality.

STOP denying climate change.

STOP poisoning our land and water.

STOP weakening health care.

STOP worsening our food supply.

STOP sustaining gun violence.

STOP overflowing our prisons.

STOP empowering extremists.

STOP demonizing immigrants.

STOP attacking our friends.

STOP praising our enemies.

STOP dividing our nation.

STOP embarrassing us worldwide.

Trump does not represent of our values.

We recognize that our generation is partly responsible for these horrible policies because not enough of us have voted in the past. In the last Midterm Elections in 2014, only 14% of people under 30 voted and the Republicans took control of the U.S. Senate. As a result, Trump is in a position to appoint extreme conservative justices to the Supreme Court and tilt our country to the far right for many decades to come.

In 2016 low young voter turnout helped put Trump in the White House.

We've seen what happens when not enough young people use their voices to vote and it's not good.

You can make history by joining us and urging your friends and social media followers to vote in what will be the most important election of our lives.  This is an election like no other.

Model Citizens Vote, Inc. is a grassroots organization, independent of the Democratic National Committee and any Democratic candidate. To fund our mission we have registered with the Federal Election Commission and encourage you to donate to maximize our efforts.

This is our time. Right now. No excuses. Stop Trump.