Art by Marissa Baca.

Use your voice.

Tell your friends that you’ve joined Model Citizens Vote.
Not sure what to say? Here are some ideas:

I just registered to vote with @ModelCitizensVote and I pledge to vote Democrat in the November 6th Midterm Elections. Together young people can stop Trump. #ModelCitizensVote
Only 14 percent of people under 30 voted in the 2016 Midterm Elections. Show up on November 6th to stop Trump. #ModelCitizensVote
Friends don’t let friends be complacent. Register and vote Democrat in the November 6th Midterms. #ModelCitizensVote
Only by electing Democrats to Congress can we put a check on Trump to limit further damage to our country while he remains in office. Vote Democat November 6th. #ModelCitizensVote