model Citizens Vote - Spread the Word

We are more powerful than any political ad.

There is nothing more effective in political campaigns then when a friend speaks to a friend.

If you join our effort, collectively we can reach tens of millions of young voters and get them out to vote on November 6th for Democratic candidates for Congress.

Your social capital with your trusted followers is a valuable asset to stop Trump from doing further harm to our country.

Our goal is for all of us to make at least five points of contact between now and Election Day with our friends and social media followers.  Research has shown that five contacts dramatically increases the effectiveness of a campaign.

Here are the five critical contact points to make:

1. Tell your friends that this election is like no other.  Only by electing Democrats to Congress can we put a check on Trump and limit the further damage that he can do to our country while he remains in office. Introduce them to Model Citizens Vote by wearing one of our tee shirts on Instagram or any way you choose.  Link your post to our site.

2. Urge everyone you know to register to vote.  In most states you can't just show up at your polling place on Election Day.  You have to register in advance.  It's easy and can be done through If someone is not sure if they are registered or not, they can check on the site. You may want to post of pic of you proudly holding your own completed voter registration form.  Tell everyone that young voter turnout can make the difference this year!

3. Make it personal.  Post a video on why this election is important to you. Speak candidly about how Trump's presidency has impacted you and the issues and values that you care about.  Urge your friends to do the same and post them on social media.

4. Promote Absentee Ballots.  Make sure your followers know that if they aren't going to be in the district where they are registered on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6th, they can still vote by mail with an Absentee Ballot that can be  mailed in.  Close elections are often decided by counting the Absentee Ballots, so this is a critical part of our mission.  One can easily apply for an Absentee Ballot on this website.

5. Get Out The Vote!  The last week leading up to Election Day is the most critical contact of all.  We're all busy with our lives and it can be easy to forget to vote.  That can't happen this year. Remind your followers that their very future and the direction of the United States is at stake. The whole world will be watching us. Tell your followers that if they don't know where to go and vote, they can look up their polling place on this website.

These five actions, if taken by enough people, can stop Trump and set the stage for his defeat in 2020.